Ice Cream Vans

A range of Ice Cream vans are available for you event, and offer a large selection of "mr whippy" ice cream, lollies and drinks! Our Vintage Ice Cream bike is very popular at weddings and smaller village fetes. Our staff hold food hygiene certificates are our vans have been awarded Level 5 in food hygiene ratings

Ice Cream Vans
for your event 


We have many Vans in our fleet which can cater for any size event.

Our food kiosks are always operated by trained staff to the highest food standards.



  • Ideally Flat ground

  • Open air due to engine fumes

  • Driveable access 

  • Minimal time to open and operate

Did you know all our rides are inspected annually and operated to the highest standards. 

For a catering stall or Kiosk to appear at your event or if you require more information then please get in touch today and we will get back to you as soon as possible.